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Our Team

Captain Mat

The owner of Catalyst, Mathew was raised in the Turks and Caicos, Mat began taking Turks and Caicos sailing lessons at age 8 and has spent his life on the water ever since. A PADI Open Water Scuba instructor, Mat also has a BS in Marine Biology. He has completed the local STCW (Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping) and maintains a TCI Captains License. With more than 20 years in the Turks and Caicos and its surrounding waters, Mat knows the area and environment like the back of his hand.

Captain/ First Mate Morgan

Born and raised in the Turks and Caicos, I have spent most of my life snorkeling in Turks and Caicos and scuba diving. I am in love with our reefs and love showing them off to other people. I have my Bachelor’s degree in photography and love taking underwater photographs. I am a certified day skipper for Motor and sailboats. I found my passion working in the tourist boating industry, as I get to share my favorite parts of the island with my guests.

Free-dive Instructor/ Mate Samantha

Inspired and passionate free-diver, Samantha grew up in Argentina surrounded by mountains and rivers. Every summer she and her family would drive to the Atlantic Coast in search of the ocean. Following a family tradition, diving and open water swimming quickly became natural to her. After graduating as a Certified Translator and taking advantage of a second language, she took off to an adventure of traveling the world teaching diving with a strong commitment to promoting ocean conservation through education. Having experienced amazing encounters with big mammals like sharks, dolphins, manta rays and whales, she trained as a free dive instructor to show to keep sharing this love. She is passionately driven to use her skills and experience to introduce as many people as possible to what lies beneath the surface so that they get inspired to protect our ocean.