Full Day Private Excursion

Fully customizable to your needs

How does a full day on the water, cruising the Caicos cays and exploring the most beautiful beaches in the Turks & Caicos sound? Book a full day excursion with Caicos Catalyst and take your time swimming, snorkeling, cruising, island hopping—you name it. On a full-day charter, we have time to visit multiple snorkel spots, a shipwreck, two islands, and we can take you as far as North Caicos. Relax or explore, the choice is yours.

Amenities Include:  Snorkeling gear, Life Jackets, Sub-wing, Blue tooth Speakers, Toilet (only on Catalyst and Sweet T), Fresh water Rinse on Sweet T.

Drinks included: assorted soda (coke, diet coke, sprite, water, Juice, Local Beer (light, larger, IPA), White Wine (chardonnay, sauvignon blanc), Rum and Vodka (rum punch, dark & stormies, Moscow mule).

Food Included Full day:  Fruit and a sandwich platter of hummus, carrots, 4 meets, 3 cheese, grapes, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and 2 to 3 different types of bread. Caprese Salad and 1 other side. (this also may vary depending on allergie or what is at the store that day)


Monday – Saturday


Full Day Charter– 10am to 5pm all year-round


Meet in Leeward settlement 

Sweet T and Slat Cat meet at Blue Haven Marina (big boat dock)

Catalyst Meets at a private Dock in Leeward settlement

  • We can pick you up if you up if your house is located in Leeward settlement with a private dock.


Full Day Charters: 10am to 5pm

Please email Caicoscatalyst@gmail.com for pricing details


What To Bring:

  • Towels
  • REEF safe sunblock (no spray please)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • GoPro
  • Payment in the form of; credit card, cash, or voucher


With our healthy and thriving coral reefs — including the third longest contiguous reefs in the world — snorkeling in Turks & Caicos is a must. Our reefs are home to a vast array of marine life, from tropical fish to sea turtles. We know all of the best Turks & Caicos snorkeling spots, and after all these years, we still get a thrill every time we jump in and explore our underwater world.

You have the option of snorkeling the famed reefs of Grace Bay, Leeward or Pine Cay. And aside from our coral reefs, the Turks & Caicos are home to two shipwrecks that also make for great snorkeling spots — a large Russian freighter known as La Famille Express off the shallows of the Caicos banks, and a small wreck completely submerged just off the shores of Pine Cay that makes the perfect snorkeling spot for kids.

But you know the best part of snorkeling in Turks & Caicos? Anyone can do it. You don’t have to be an advanced swimmer to try a snorkeling excursion with Caicos Catalyst. It’s a fun activity that anyone can safely try, including kids and first-timers. We’ll instruct you along the way to help you feel comfortable in the water.

Little Water Cay

Just a short boat ride away from the mainland of Providenciales is another world known as Little Water Cay where only the Turks & Caicos rock iguana roams. What makes this particular species of iguana so special? Our rock iguana is endemic to the Turks & Caicos, which means it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. A critically endangered species, the Turks & Caicos rock iguana used to exist throughout our islands, but today there are about 50,000 found only on a few small islands — and most of them are on Little Water Cay.

A trip to Little Water Cay (also known as Iguana Island due its special residents) and the connecting Half Moon Bay will not only introduce you to our famous lizards, but you can also experience the wild beauty of an island that boasts both an incredible beach and a natural lagoon on the backside of the bay — the best of both worlds. The lagoon acts as a nursery for juvenile marine life, and if you’re lucky, we may sneak a peek of some baby sharks, turtles and other sea life.

Island Hopping

As an archipelago, the Turks & Caicos are made up of a chain of 40 islands. Only eight of those 40 are inhabited, and we love taking our guests off the beaten path to some of those secluded islands and cays where, on most days, you won’t find another soul in sight.

We believe your tour of the Turks & Caicos should include the best our islands have to offer. That’s why our island hopping itineraries include only our favorite stops. Search for sand dollars on the stunning Fort George Cay, where you’ll also find three cannons submerged underwater from the island’s days as a fort in the late 1700s. Explore the abandoned hotel on nearby Dellis Cay, or stroll the pristine beaches of Pine Cay. Want to get as far away from the mainland of Providenciales as possible? Spend a full day falling in love with the many remote beaches of North Caicos, and get a close-up glimpse of star-studded Parrot Cay, a tropical haven where several renowned celebrities are known to escape, along the way.

On our speedboat Simple Men, we can even take you to the wild, uninhabited West Caicos. The diversity of the island on each side will make you feel as if you’re visiting two different islands rather than one. On the east side, enjoy miles and miles of untouched sandy beach that gives way to calm, crystalline waters. On the west side, explore the rugged iron shore and hidden coves among it, begging for a closer look with a mask and snorkel. And land doesn’t disappoint either, with West Caicos boasting the 500-acre saline Lake Catherine and ruins from the 1800s.

Charters are private and the itinerary is individually personalized.


  • This price includes all drinks including water, soda, beer, wine and a selection of rum/vodka drinks.
  • French Picnic — Fruit and family-style picnic lunch, charcuterie platter of hummus, carrots, 4 meets, 3 cheese, grapes, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and 2 to 3 different types of bread. Caprese Salad and 1 other side (can be pasta salad, lentil salad, coleslaw, potato salad ect).
  • Sweet T and Catalyst also has a toilet onboard the boat.
  • Snorkeling equipment is also provided for your enjoyment.
  • All boats are equipped with Bluetooth speakers.

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or special food you will not eat. Contact us for meeting location.